Melting and Testing

Quality is key at Kilner & Hutchinson, and is something we consider at every stage of the production process. This is particularly important at the cast iron melting stage, so we make sure that rigorous testing is conducted on every batch.

Due to the often-essential nature of the components we manufacture – from pressure containing parts to engineering castings, our customers need to trust that the highest standards in materials and processes are being met. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

Induction melting furnaces

We specialise in high intensity ferrous casting, requiring iron smelting furnaces capable of handling high quantities. Two coreless induction melting furnaces are used at our Yorkshire site to produce a full range of cast iron, SG iron, Ni hard and austenitic irons.

Cast iron testing

Maintaining consistent output is important to us – we want our customers to be able to rely on us to deliver the same results on every repeat order. On-site analysis of each batch of metal is taken before and after the metal is poured, guaranteeing the highest quality, and that all material is completely to specification.

We provide spectrochemical analysis, dimensional reports, pressure testing, non-destructive testing and hardness tests.

Mechanical testing may be outsourced to external laboratories – we have built strong links with our trusted testing partners to ensure our high standards of quality are maintained.

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