Pressure Containing Parts

Kilner & Hutchinson are specialist manufacturers of pressure containing parts, with our expertise developed over 40 years of casting and supplying parts for the oil and gas industries and a range of industrial sectors.

Pressure containing parts, such as turbine casings and pressure-tight castings, are highly specialised components that play a vital role in diesel engines and compressors. Our approach is completely bespoke to our customers’ needs – whether replicating a pattern or developing something new, delivering one part or one hundred, we ensure that the end result is completely fit for purpose.

End-to-end manufacturing

Our aim is to provide everything our customers need in one place for pressure retaining parts. From pattern making and moulding to machining, shot blasting and painting – if required! We can also assist with chemical analysis and mechanical certification, and repeat ordering is easy.

We build close relationships with our customers and are proud to supply major manufacturers of reciprocal compressors for the oil and gas industries, among a wide range of clients working in a variety of industries.

A reputation for quality castings

More than anything, we take pride in our reputation for quality, producing castings to a consistently high standard. For this reason, we are recognised around the world as leading founders of pressure containing parts and a wide range of other components.

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