Heat Treatment

At Kilner & Hutchinson, we've invested heavily in our West Yorkshire site to ensure we can deliver every element of our high integrity castings in-house. Providing heat treatment of castings ourselves means we are able to maintain control of the process from start to finish.

The controlled heating and cooling of metals allows us to alter the properties of the component without any change to the shape. Extreme temperatures can harden, strengthen and soften a metal, enhancing performance to your exact specifications.

Types of heat treatment

There are four main types of heat treatment used in cast iron and steel production:

  • Hardening makes cast iron stronger and harder, but less flexible and more brittle.
  • Tempering makes hardened metals less brittle following the hardening process.
  • Annealing softens metal components, making them more pliable and fixing weak spots.
  • Normalising removes the stresses caused to the metal by other production methods.

Many components will go through all four processes for the best possible finish.

Standalone heat treating services

As well as carrying out heat treatment for our own castings for the engineering industry, architects, and beyond, we also offer heat treatment as a standalone service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements – we’ll be happy to help!

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