Architectural Castings

Iron castings play a vital role in architectural designs and Kilner & Hutchinson is a leading provider of bespoke architectural pieces. Our experienced team combines their expertise in creating high-integrity engineering castings with a passion for crafting unique architectural pieces. Let us bring your vision to life with our top-quality cast iron products.

At Kilner & Hutchinson, we take pride in our ability to handle every aspect of the casting process with our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities. Our commitment to quality is evident in our rigorous on-site testing and analysis, which takes place throughout the production process to ensure our high standards are met every step of the way. Get in touch to learn more about how we can bring your next project to life.

Bespoke cast iron architecture

At Kilner & Hutchinson, we relish the challenge of casting the most complex and intricate architectural components, from structural elements to decorative pieces. Our team of experts have extensive experience in recreating architectural castings from the last century, as well as more recent decades, serving customers both in the UK and abroad. Let us bring your vision to life with our precision castings and unparalleled expertise.

Cast iron reproductions and restorations

Do you have an irreplaceable cast iron piece in need of repair or duplication? Kilner & Hutchinson’s team of experts has experience in both creating patterns to reproduce pieces, and using original materials to manufacture exact replicas in cast iron, SG iron, Ni hard, and austenitic irons. We understand that every project is unique and strive to find a cost-effective solution that meets both your specific needs and our quality standards. Contact us to discuss your project and get started

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