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Emerald Street
Huddersfield, HD1 6BY
United Kingdom

01484 426646

Production | Kilner & Hutchinson

At our facility we have state of the art equipment, as well as the expertise for all production processes. Visit the website for more information.



Furan sand (air set) produced through 3 computer controlled sand blenders maintains sand quality and efficient chemical bonding, so reducing waste and over use of acid and resins, which in turn improve casting surface, finish and defects are minimal.

Moulds are produced from either loose, board mounted or boxed pattern equipment with volumes of up to 2 to 3 thousand per annum.

Our core blower allows us to quickly and easily blow high quality and complexity cores in large or small volumes.

Melting & Testing

Two coreless induction melting furnaces are used to produce a full range of Cast Iron, SG Iron, Ni Hard and Austenitic Irons. On site analysis of each batch of metal is taken before and after the metal is poured, so quality and to specification material is guaranteed. Mechanical testing is out sourced to external laboratories.

Other services provided are:-

  • Dimensional reports

  • Pressure testing

  • None destructive testing

  • Heat treatment

  • Hardness test

  • Shot blasting

  • Painting

  • Pattern making

  • Machining (full or proof)